Mindful Matters

Finally, time to retire. We made a big decision to move away from the GTA and find a nice quiet spot in rural ontario. Where? We really didn’t know yet. We were very lucky because we knew Jeff and Mark. So we outlined our plan to them and very quickly put the house up for sale. They didn’t waste any time. We had an open house that weekend and to our surprise we sold the house in 3 days! That’s great. But we had no place else to go. Jeff was very calming and reassuring and told us not to worry at all and that they would find us a beautiful home in a country spot. And again they did. Shouldn’t have been surprised because when the make a promise they carry it out. They found a number of options to look at and found us a beautiful home on a river north of Belleville. Jeff and Mark are what anyone would hope for when selling their home. They are exceptionally professional, very personable, extremely knowledgeable, calming and supportive. And when we sit by the river, we feel grateful to them for helping us fulfil a dream for a calm and serene country life.